About St. Paul’s

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church is a historic Episcopal church located in Waterloo – in Seneca County, New York. It was constructed in 1863-1864 of local limestone in the Gothic Revival style. The 52 feet by 72 feet church building features a tower with a stonespire and clock. A large two story rough cut limestone parish house was built in 1916.


Our Parish Hall from E. Williams Avenue

Our Parish Hall from E. Williams Avenue

We are:
Friendly:  We work hard to let all visitors know that they are welcome – and welcome just as they are.  We have written guides to our worship services, so that those who are not familiar with the Episcopal Church will feel comfortable being part of our worship. We hope that visitors will join us for our Fellowship Time after our service, have some coffee, and get to know some members of our parish.
In addition, we are friendly with each other – sharing in each other’s joys and being present for each other’s sorrows.  We enjoy each other when we are together.
Scriptural: We believe that God inspired the human authors of the books in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, and that God continues to speak to us through them.  We seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we work to understand the meaning of Scripture for us today.
Traditional:  We use the 1979 Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church for all our services.  We practice the traditional Christian values of inclusion, hospitality, and care for the poor and others who are struggling.  We work to see God in every person and to understand how serving others serves God.
Thoughtful:  We honor human thought and reason as gifts from God, and understand that this results in differences of opinion among caring, faithful people.  We work to embrace those differences, and through an exploration of various opinions we hope to come closer to God.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church welcomes all visitors and everyone who is considering joining our parish community.  Those at all stages of their faith journey – including those who are thinking about starting a faith journey or renewing one that they started years ago – are encouraged to attend our weekly Sunday worship service at 9:30, talk with members of our parish, or contact our Priest, Jeff Haugaard.  Families, couples, and individuals of all ages are welcome.  Come to one of our services and see if you would like to return.


St. Paul’s was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.