An important part of our worship each week is the sermon.  An important goal of the sermon is to encourage members of the congregation to think about how the Holy Scriptures – written thousands of years ago – apply to our lives today.  Click on the name of the sermon to hear it.


Posted on 25 Mar 2019
Jesus and Abraham both beamed with radiant light after their personal encounter with God.  We can beam forth God’s light also.  
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Fishing for People

Posted on 12 Feb 2019
Jesus calls on us to “fish for people.”  We talk some about what that means and how to avoid all the negative stereotypes that can be associated with encouraging people toward God (dragging them up into an environment that they can conceive of as unfriendly and dangerous).
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Swaddled by God

Posted on 04 Jan 2019
We celebrate the birth of Jesus tonight – the birth that brought light into a darkened world.  As Mary swaddled Jesus on his first day of earthly life, God can swaddle us and make us unafraid.
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Maintaining our Relationship with God

Posted on 30 Oct 2018
As we see in the Book of Job and the story of Jesus and Bartimaeus (Mark’s Gospel), persistence in maintaining one’s relationship with God can lead to healing and personal growth.
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