An important part of our worship each week is the sermon.  An important goal of the sermon is to encourage members of the congregation to think about how the Holy Scriptures – written thousands of years ago – apply to our lives today.  Click on the name of the sermon to hear it.

Christmas Eve: Mary and Jesus

Posted on 27 Feb 2018
After giving birth to Jesus, do you think that Mary might have exclaimed, “OMG?”
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The Quiet Voice of God’s Call

Posted on 16 Jan 2018
When Jesus called his first disciples, they left all that they had immediately and followed him.   Most of us, though, hear the quiet voice of God calling us.  It can be hard for us to recognize this quiet voice as coming from God.  So –  we need to listen carefully.
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Posted on 13 Dec 2017
Compassion is at the foundation of all religions, and Jesus uses the presence of compassion to distinguish between those living the type of life that God hopes for us and those not living this sort of life.
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Peacemakers Are the Children of God

Posted on 16 Nov 2017
A few people are able to create peace between or within nations.  The rest of us can be peacemakers on a smaller scale – which is what Jesus did.
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