An important part of our worship each week is the sermon.  An important goal of the sermon is to encourage members of the congregation to think about how the Holy Scriptures – written thousands of years ago – apply to our lives today.  Click on the name of the sermon to hear it.


Posted on 16 Nov 2017
2000 years ago, Jesus knew that people had obligations to the State and to God.  Today, we have those same obligations.  However, our principal obligation is to God – our principal allegiance is with God.
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Paul and the Law

Posted on 18 Jul 2017
Although Paul says that the Law is the Law of sin and death, but also that the Law is holy.  I explore this seeming contradiction and suggest that Paul understood that the Law is useful and important, but also that it is limited in what it can do.
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Thanks to Veterans; Thoughts on the Election

Posted on 15 Nov 2016
We spend some time today  honoring those who served this country in our armed forces.  I spend some time today talking about the recent presidential election and how we, as Christians, must struggle to respond to it appropriately.
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Christmas: Joy, Watchfulness, Wonder

Posted on 29 Dec 2015
Jesus’s birth was like the birth of most humans: painful, messy, and then beautiful.  Imagine that scene around the manger: the joy of Mary, the watchfulness of Joseph, and the wonder of the shepherds.  As you imagine the birth of Jesus, do you feel love, watchfulness, or wonder –
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