An important part of our worship each week is the sermon.  An important goal of the sermon is to encourage members of the congregation to think about how the Holy Scriptures – written thousands of years ago – apply to our lives today.  Click on the name of the sermon to hear it.

Thanks to Veterans; Thoughts on the Election

Posted on 15 Nov 2016
We spend some time today  honoring those who served this country in our armed forces.  I spend some time today talking about the recent presidential election and how we, as Christians, must struggle to respond to it appropriately.
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Christmas: Joy, Watchfulness, Wonder

Posted on 29 Dec 2015
Jesus’s birth was like the birth of most humans: painful, messy, and then beautiful.  Imagine that scene around the manger: the joy of Mary, the watchfulness of Joseph, and the wonder of the shepherds.  As you imagine the birth of Jesus, do you feel love, watchfulness, or wonder –
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